Orchestral Score Excerpts

The following tracks are excerpts from the score that I wrote for the development stages of an animated children's adventure show. My idea behind the score was to harken back to the animated shows from my youth, in which the entire episode or film was scored from beginning to end. The music acts as a character and this creates great depth, texture and almost tells the story musically, while still being sensitive to the visuals.

Wedding Invitation Video

Original Music
Final Mix
The Gaslight
The Gaslight
Illustrations Schalk Pienaar


Squigglemajig is a 52-part children’s show. The stories are brought to life, stroke by stroke as colourful illustrations. It is currently airing on eTV and the DSTV Mindset channel.

The Satyr of Springkbok Heights

Romeo & Juliet

The Comedy of Errors